How To Use Method Of iPhone 6 Wireless Charging

Have you ever try iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 wireless charging? You may do it without any needed things to be tinkered with your device’s hardware.

Wireless charging appeared few years ago, but this method hasn’t been adopted for real consumers usage. Of course charge iPhone 6 wirelessly is huge convenience, but only some companies have adopted this method and only for a few of its iOS devises. However for now, Apple is one of many companies which stands away from this way of charging.

That’s why Apple iPhone 6 and 6 Plus don’t support wireless charging. Ewan Spence stated at Forbes that if Apple wasn’t going to go for it, he created a home-made innovation for it. Spence demonstrate how to add to 6 / 6 Plus wireless charging feature. Here’s what he developed:

But before use this method please note that charging your iPhone with non OEM chargers is really unsafe and is not recommended to do.


  • Qi Wireless Charging Card. (You can get one on eBay, it should have the Lightning port.)
  • Qi compatible wireless charging pad.
  • Protective case. (Not necessary, but recommended)

Here is instruction:

Step 1. Please make sure to set up Wi-Fi syncing for iTunes, and you’ll have to plug in your iPhone to your PC / Mac for that. This is necessary step to avoid constantly removing the Qi Wireless Charging Card for syncing, in other case it would wear down the Lightning port.

Step 2. After you have done the step 1 unplug the iPhone from your computer, and plug in to your iPhone the Lightning connector of the Qi Wireless Charging Card.

Step 3. Than flip the card to the back of your device so that the rings on it are exposed.

Step 4. The card is needed to be protected. You can use tape to stick the card to the back of iPhone 6. But it will be hard to put it to your pocket. A protective cover will keep the card in place and safe.

Step 5. After you have done it, pop in the compatible charging pad into a power source, and place your iOS device onto the pad to begin iPhone 6 wireless charging.

Now your iOS device can be charged wirelessly. Although it is recommended to avoid replacing wired charging for your device with this method. As if exposed to longer hours of wireless charging your iPhone 6 will heat up.