Mountain Lion Mac App Store Download Available!

Mountain Lion became available for download on the Mac App Store, finally it has happened, we’ve been waiting for it so long.  Millions of people at this moment already download a new OS X 10.8 from Apple, but someone had already managed to download and study all the innovations and changes. Hopefully, Apple will stand the server load and a significant upgrade for all users will be quick and without any problems. Special info for jailbreakers: you can use Redsn0w on Mountain Lion without any problems.

mountain lion mac app store download

Mountain Lion Mac App Store Download

Before we get to talk directly about a few interesting moments in the Mountain Lion, let us remind you of how to upgrade to the new OS X. We should start with  the list in order to find out whether your Mac is compatible with Mountain Lion at all.

List of Compatible Computers For Mountain Lion OS X 10.8:

1. iMac (mid 2007 or later);
2. MacBook (13-inch 2008, early 2009 or later);
3. MacBook Pro (13-inch mid-2009 or later, 15-inch with a CPU, clocked at 2.4 or 2.2 GHz, 17-inch 2007 or later);
4. MacBook Air (late 2008 and later);
5. Mac mini (early 2009 and later);
6. Mac Pro (early 2008 and later);
7. Xserve (early 2009).

If your Mac is included in this list, we recommend you to read about how best to prepare your computer for this important procedure before upgrading.

If at this point you have Mac OS X Lion installed, you can safely go in the Mac App Store and immediately download the Mountain Lion (10.7.h). Let me remind you: the price of a new system – $19.99. If you have not been updated to the Lion and is still in use Snow Leopard (10.6.h), then before buying a Mountain Lion in the Mac App Store you should upgrade to the latest version of Snow Leopard: click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner, after then click “Update” to install Snow Leopard 10.6.8 (latest version).

And if you are the lucky one who bought a totally brand new Mac, then upgrade to the Mountain Lion, you can upgrade absolutely for free at the official Apple site.

Download the OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion [Mac App Store]

But besides all this, you will have about two hundred new and interesting features of Mountain Lion. Now, fewer words and more action: forward, update!

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