Nitrous Cydia Tweak: Nitro Javascript on Chrome for iOS

Thanking to jailbreak tweak we can now enable the Nitro Javascript on Google Chrome for iOS. What does it mean and what’s it for? Chrome for iOS has a simple interface and supports the synchronization of bookmarks, open tabs, passwords and forms. Due to these advantages, 15% of users of third-party browsers on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad have already switched to the Google browser. Unfortunately, the pessimistic forecasts of “web quests” from the App Store are confirmed: Apple does not allow Google to use the latest engine called Nitro Javascript. First it was tested on the Safari desktop browser, and with version 4.3 is built into WebKit – the basis of Safari.

Nitro Javascript on Google Chrome for iOS with Nitrous Cydia Tweak

Nitro Javascript on Google Chrome for iOS with Nitrous Cydia Tweak

Nitro Javascript reduces the processing time by more than two times, but Google had to settle for an outdated version of it – UIWebView, which does not allow to compete in performance with the Apple’s product. For security reasons Cupertino company does not build a promising technology to other web browsers for the iPhone and the iPad. Usage of its own engine is also not allowed.

As a result, the only suitable option for Google is a modification of the old UIWebView. As a result of testing, it processes simple web-sites  on an equal footing with the Nitro, but if a web page is using the Javascript, loading speed is reduced from 2 to 6 times. As you know, the majority of sites on the Internet working with JavaScipt nowadays.

Jailbreak tweak that would include the Nitro Javascript for Google Chrome, was awaited since the release of the browser. But the developer of Nitrous Cydia add-on Joe Jordan went ahead and released a solution to enable fast engine for any third-party applications on iPhone and iPad, including clients for Twitter and Facebook. It is only necessary to go into the Nitrous settings and select the noted programs.

According to Jordan, after you install it from Cydia, any iOS-applications with built-in browser will run on the level of Safari speed. The author of the Nitrous Cydia tweak requests only $ 0.99 for his creation.

Update: You can also use other tweaks that allows you to improve Chrome on iPhone.