Pangu Jailbreak Team Tired of Criticism and Responds to It

We haven’t heard from Pangu jailbreak team for a long while. This group of hackers from China were the first to release Pangu iOS 8 jailbreak that worked on firmwares up to 8.1.1. Then they disappeared from the view of iPhone and iPad users as other teams, TaiG and PP Jailbreak, worked on the new exploits and updated the programs to support iOS 8.1.2 and earlier versions.

The Pangu jailbreak news we’ve got relate to what happened to the hackers since June. According to Pangu, they got a lot of letters they want to reply to in order to clarify ‘rumors and vilifications’ addressed to the team.

Firstly, hackers say they never purchased vulnerabilities for Pangu 7 jailbreak. They say they used the Stefan Esser’s kernel at first and saved their own vulnerabilities for later updates. As soon as Esser criticized this step, Pangu updated their jailbreak solution using the exploits they found on their own.

Secondly, Pangu team of hackers got the sponsorship for the jailbreak they created. This included money for software testing and servers maintenance, but ‘this hasn’t been $1 million’ as promised, they assure.

Thirdly, the team says it did use expired enterprise certificates along with the ones their fans donated but it never stole them, the Chinese hackers insist.

At last but not least, the team thanks Saurik who developed Cydia for helping with Pangu jailbreak tool working on iOS 8 platform.

As for the knowledge they gained, hackers say they are planning to represent their techniques and tools at security conferences. They also promise to contribute to the jailbreaking community in the future, but they don’t specify how.

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