How to Use Periscope on iPhone [Guide]

Twitter fans should get iPhone Periscope app that offers a lot of interesting possibilities on iOS 8 platform. Apple is currently working on the iOS 9 release which is expected soon. This September the Cupertino-based giant will unveil the next line of smartphones along with firmware upgrade, but there is still time for getting iOS 8 addition from Twitter.

The program was released several months ago and a lot of users found it must-have. Twitter live streaming on iPhone allows broadcasting your videos right from iPhone. You can create your streams, both private and public, get likes from others [not Facebook iOS 8 likes but hearts appreciation] and even messages from those who watch your stream.

How to Use Periscope on iPhone

Step 1. Firstly you should download Periscope for iOS 8. This is a free application.

Step 2. If you want you can go through the detailed four-page instruction that becomes available the first time you launch the program. It is also possible to skip it.

Step 3. Click on Get Started and sign up using either iPhone phone number or Twitter account.

Step 4. Click on Create Account.

Step 5. Choose your settings for this tool. You can disable or enable notifications [get prepared since Apple is about to announce both iPhone 6s and 6s Plus next week].

Step 6. There are 3 icons you’ll see in the lower part of the screen: Global [it shows videos from across the globe], TV [here you will find broadcasts / videos from those who you follow], People [just a place to meet new friends and find users who you would like to follow], and Camera [this is where you can stream your own broadcast].

Step 7. Click on Camera you live streaming will start. Remember to name your stream and choose it to be private or pubic.

Step 8. In order to announce your stream on Twitter you should press on its icon.

Your iPhone will be using rear-camera by default however you can always double click on your display and switch to front-facing camera.

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