What Will Permanently Brick an iPhone [Be Careful with iOS 8 Tweaks]

What will brick an iPhone? Users who are only about to jailbreak iOS 8 smartphone or just wish to know what causes iPhone to brick should read this post. With hackers making it simpler and easier to install Cydia on iDevices even the bricking has reduced, but this can’t sadly mean that you are completely safe and this will never happen to you or your friends.

iPhone permanent brick is the biggest worry of every owner who is jailbroken. According to one developer, there is an exploit that can kill your smartphone forever.

What does bricked iPhone mean? It means you cannot boot up and use your gadget any longer. The bricking process is irreversible and this is the worst thing that can happen to your device. You can reset your model, restore it after you lost all information, jailbreak, reset and update, but if anything bricks you are helpless to change the situation, and you only have to buy a new gadget.

What does a bricked iPhone look like? It just dies.

According to hacker arcticsn0w, there is the tweak that was developed to demonstrate that bricking iOS 8.1.3 is possible nowadays. This is dangerous and don’t ever install KilliOS program that is luckily not available on Cydia. The dev created this program to show other developers and hackers what bricking means and how it works. He assures that he had no intentions to break smartphones using this code.

If you have jailbroken your iDevice, you should be really attentive to the tweaks you download and install. Use only trusted sources and developers and do not download anything that looks suspicious or comes from an unknown source. This is the only way to protect your Apple gadget from being bricked permanently.