How to Play 2048 Puzzle from iPhone Springboard [Instruction]

Are you a fan of puzzle games on iPhone? If you like addictive playtime you can learn how to play 2048 on iPhone. This app can be played right from the home screen. Everything is simple, fast and easy. We’ll explain what you have to do in order to make it launch from your Springboard on iOS 8, including iOS 8.3 which you can download using direct links and install through iTunes [you can also update via OTA].

It is fun to play cool games on the iDevice. We have already shared an instruction on how to run Windows 95 games on the jailbroken iPhone [this also includes Windows 98], now let’s talk about modern iPhone Springboard games you can get.

2048 is an ordinary puzzle that is highly addictive. You should combine / slide numbers to reach 2048. However it is not that simple to reach this number. There is no need to download iOS app as there is the jailbreak version called 2048oard which can be played right from iOS 8 home screen and this is exactly what we were looking for.


How to Play 2048 Puzzle from Jailbroken iPhone Springboard

Step 1. Go to Cydia store. We should download something at first. Search for uroboro’s tweak 2048oard.

Step 2. Install the game.

Step 3. Respring your iOS 8 handset.

Step 4. Search for Activator and download it on Cydia. This is free of charge.

Step 5. Using Activator you should select an action for 2048. For example, you can assign to launch it by double-clicking on the Status bar or choose something different.

Step 6. Launch the game using your Action and play it from the Springboard.

Did it work out for you?