Reasons to Use AT&T iPhone Contract Checker

AT&T iPhone users can unlock their smartphone for free if it is out of contract. This is really great and incredible since you can save your money and get a permanently unlocked Apple handset without paying anyone for this service. You just need to be sure your contract with AT&T has ended.

The company doesn’t say for free whether the contract is over. You have to have the carrier account for this information or run AT&T out of contract checker to get this data. If you find out your contract is over you can contact the mobile operator and have them unlock your iPhone at no-cost at all. Isn’t it great?

iphone att out of contract checker

There are several things you can do to find out the required information.

Method 1. Visit your Profile page at AT&T. This site can show the date when your contract expires, but it works for iPhone 4S and 4 models. If your iPhone 4 was purchased on its official release date your contract should have expired on June 24, 2012. If the iPhone 4S was picked up by you on its release day, it should have expired on October 7, 2013. If you have an older model of this iDevice your contract has most likely expired by now and you can order free unlock from AT&T for it.

Method 2. If you have a newer version of the AT&T iPhone it could be on contract and you might wish to know when the last day of your AT&T contract is. Run AT&T iPhone out of contract checker and get the information you need.

It is expensive to unlock AT&T iPhone that are still on contract. AT&T asks for early termination fee which can cost you over $100. This could be a very expensive unlock so don’t pay extra and wait till the service becomes free or very affordable.

Check AT&T Contract Status Right Now!

Look up your IMEI code by dialing *#06# and provide this number for iPhone contract checker. The service is distant. If you are lucky to be out of contract, you will unlock your smartphone at very cheap price or for free.

P.S. Your IMEI must be clean to get the unlock later on.