Rumor: Higher Resolution Display in iPad Mini 2

The main difference between the iPad mini 2 from the first model will be a higher resolution display, according to Taiwanese industry sources. The new version of a full-sized tablet iPad 5 will get changes as well. Apple will focus on reducing the weight of the device. So, let’s wait for iPad Mini 2 release date and enjoy better display.

The current version of the iPad mini has a display with a diagonal of 7.9 inches and iPad mini resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, bringing the pixel density of the screen is 163 ppi – it’s less than that of other modern Apple products. You can also compare iPad Mini with iPad 4 and 3.

It is assumed that the mini-tablets of the second generation will use proprietary Retina technology with increased fourfold resolution. The index screen will be 2048 x 1536 pixels, and the density – 326 pixels per inch. In addition to “super display” Apple will give its device more powerful stuffing (processor and graphics accelerator).

It also reported that Apple is working hard to reduce the weight of the 10-inch versions of the iPad 5. As one of the options being considered is the ability to install not two, but one, a more powerful LED backlight and IGZO display in the new gadget . It is expected that the new Apple tablet will go on sale in spring 2013.

However there is no clear information about iPad Mini 2 launch day. It can be in Spring or Summer. I think it will be released with iPad 2 in following spring but this information doesn’t confirmed.

Apple started production of different types of tablet to share market in 2013 and still be a leader of tablet’s sales. I don’t know about iPad 5 but if iPad Mini display will use Retina technology it will be more popular that ever. Even today the first Mini is much popular than iPad 4.