New iPad Mini 2 With Retina Display Will Come Next Year

After the October presentation favorite subject for criticism was the display of Apple iPad mini and more specifically, its resolution and Retina absence. Engineers have installed similar display in the new iPad as on the iPad 2. Many users who are said they they were not ready to buy a “defective” tablet and even higher pixel density compared to the iPad 2  did not help the situation. You can use the link to compare iPad Mini display vs Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire.

Marketing does its job and do people get used to the good. Few people are willing to compromise and use the device with a display that does not use the most advanced technology. Benefit component manufacturers are not sitting on their hands, and there are already rumors of a 2nd generation of smaller iPad with Retina display.

After the release of smaller tablet many users were disappointed and refused to buy iPad Mini with no Reina display. I was waiting for Retina as well.

Sources from the Apple supply chain have reported that AU Optronics has already started working on iPad mini 2 featuring a screen with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. Display manufacturers established an uninterrupted supply of Retina screens for iPad mini, and can now be given to the development of screens for the next generation tablet.

According to the information, the resolution will be doubled which will give a very high pixel density – 326 ppi. This will allow you to run applications on the iPad mini, designed for full-size tablet with a Retina screen, without optimization.

The main problem of the Retina display use is the size of the tablet. At the moment, Apple engineers could not fit the stuffing in a small and slim tablet, so it’s not surprising that the first generation went to a “normal” display. There is one major problem with screens that feature high pixel density; the higher resolution, the more light is required for the display and their increasing need to increase the capacity of the battery. So, the higher resolution screen requires more components to stick to the plate and at the same time increase the size of the battery. With that Retina iPad mini 2 could become a weighty device and very few people would have liked because of the thickness and weight.

The only solution is IGZO technology developed by Sharp. With it you can reduce the number of elements used light without losing brightness and color saturation and extend battery up to four times. It is hoped that Apple will no longer rush to update their devices, and the emergence of the new model will not happen until the fall of 2013.