How to Send Commands to iPhone Baseband [List of Tools]

Here’s the list of tools which can communicate with your iPhone’s baseband. Those are Minicom, sendmodem and igsm. They are text-based Unix systems which can send commands to the baseband (or modem) of iPhone. The difference between them is that Minicom needs CommCenter to be disabled while communicating with baseband. Sendmodem and igsm don’t require the CommCenter swith off in order to work properly. They execute the AT+ commands directly from the command line. Let’s take a closer look on each of the tools.

Send Commands to iPhone Baseband [List of Tools]

Minicom is a tool cross-platform program which can be used on Unix-based systems. It can emulate ANSI and VT100. ANSI escape sequences are characters that are embedded in the text which is used to control formatting, color, and other output options on video text terminals. Most of the terminal emulators can show text output from a computer that is connected remotely. They also can show text output from local software, as well as interpret some ANSI’s escape sequences. VT100 (video terminal) was made by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). Its detailed attributes became the de facto standard for terminal emulators or tty for short. You can read more about this tool here and install it.

Sendmodem – another tool to access iPhone’s baseband/modem directly developed by PmgRiPhone. It uses /dev/tty.debug path and doesn’t require the CommCenter to be turned off to send and receive commands from the baseband. The commands from sendmodem are executed directly from command line. The tool uses standard AT+ list of commands that can be found by following this link. Sendmodem can be used to perform various actions with iDevice’s modem. You can:

  • query the baseband for your firmware and bootloader version
  • query the phone’s lock state
  • query the battery capacity
  • etc.

More info about sendmodem in this article.

IGSM is a tool to communicate with baseband developed by Marcio C. Almeida. This simple application allows you to sent AT+ commands to your iPhone easily. It can also be used for countries where the carrier doesn’t set the phone number on the SIM card to set that number. Can be used on iPhone running firmware 2.x or higher. You can also download igsm here and find more info about this tool.

So now you equipped with this three tools. Now you can use each of them and send commands to your baseband.