SendModem Tool To Access iPhone Baseband Directly From Command Line

Sendmodem is a tool that can access iPhone’s and iPad’s 3G baseband (modem) through /dev/tty.debug port without the need to disable the CommCenter. The original code for SendModem was taken from iPhone’s SMS app and its output format was slightly modified by sendmodem developer PmgRiPhone. Usually the modem or baseband is accessed through Minicom with sending commands to /dev/tty.baseband. Minicom needs CommCenter to be disabled in order to work normally. After you’re done using Minicom you have to enable the CommCenter again.

launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/
launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/

When using sendmodem you can execute the commands directly from the command line. Really great feature.

sendmodem iphone AT tool

How to install SendModem to your iPhone:

Step One: Upload sendmodem file to your iDevice’s /usr/bin directory. For doing that you can use any SSH client you like: WinSCP, iFunBox or else. Or you can open mobile terminal and download the SendModem file using this command:

cd /usr/bin/

Step Two: Execute the next commands on your iPhone (use mobile terminal, SSH, Mosh etc.):

cd /usr/bin
chmod +x sendmodem

Step Three: Test sendmodem by typing in:


It should respond with:

usage: sendmodem <at command>

Here are the examples of some other sendmodem commands:

Querying the baseband version:

sendmodem “AT+XGENDATA”

Querying the lock state:

sendmodem “AT+XSIMSTATE=1?

Querying the battery capacity:

sendmodem “AT+CBC”

Note: if you want to use double quote in AT command, avoid it like in C language (\”):

sendmodem “AT+CLCK=\”PN\”,2?

Use my AT + commands list here for iPhone 3 – 4s.

Please note that sendmodem always communicates with baseband/modem with “AT” command and waits for receiving “OK” response. It will write “-” to your screen until the connection is established and the process may take some time so the amount of dashes can vary dramatically.

The original modem state will be saved before any operations take place and is restored after your commands are executed.

Caution: do not send any commands through sendmodem you’re not sure about and if you don’t know what effect they will make.

Download SendModem Source Code:


And have fun. Also you can try iGSM that helps you to perform the same actions as Sendmodem. However many says that iGSM is more powerful then Sendmodem.