How to Set Up Jailbroken iPhone

There are so many iOS 8 tweaks you could download from Cydia store and private repositories. When it comes to iPhone setup guide you can find a lot of interesting suggestions on how to customize and what to add to your Apple smartphone. You need to be jailbroken in order to use jailbreak apps and tweaks.

Right now this is possible for all firmware versions except iOS 8.4.1. Apple patched the exploits used in iOS 8.4 jailbreak by TaiG team and PP Jailbreak hackers. Both groups are now working on finding new holes in the code and reportedly the iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak was demoed already. Still hackers are waiting for the major iOS 8 update and are not planning to release any tools until Apple presents the next operating system to public.

How to Set Up Jailbroken iPhone

There are millions of users who choose to jailbreak their iDevice. It is cool when you are able to customize parts of the system and improve your applications. It is possible to find so many programs to choose from that sometimes you can get lost in all the titles and ideas.

Here are a few things you might want to install to enjoy better experience on Apple iPhone that is untethered. Firstly, you can enhance your Lock Screen by getting new Lock Screen theme [for example, Cataracs theme is offered through repository], changes your notifications color with the help of FlagPaint tool, add Apple Watch feeling to your notifications with WatchNotifications app, and hiding some elements using HideMe8 program.

You can customize your Control Center on iOS 8 with the help of CClean [it can hide some elements], adding fun theme to your Winterboard, make blurry springboard using Cistem Aperio, get round off CC corners via Roundification, changing colors with Uniformity 2 [since this app is available through private repository you’ll have to add to your sources], and using great old switcher offered by Auxo Legacy Edition.

Improve your keyboard with Color Keyboard and LockKeyboard tweaks. If you would like to get dark mode for your iOS 8 applications use Eclipse 2 app. iOS 8 Notification Center can get your battery status with Battery Doctor Widget [regular application]. Springboard can also be improved: use new layout with Iconocalsm tweak, hide your status bar details with HideMe8, add five icons to your dock with BetterFiveiConDock and enjoy ClassicDock theme along with Apex 2 tool.