Simple iPhone 6 Plus One Hand Use Tips for Apple Fans

Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus is the biggest smartphone this company has ever released. It comes with the 5.5-inch screen while its ‘brother’ iPhone 6 has 4.7-inch display and all previous models [iPhone 5c, 5S, 5, 4S, 4] have the 4-inch screen. How comfortable iPhone 6 plus one hand use can be? Read these tips and you’ll know what you can do with the huge ‘fruit’ phone.

The list is not too long. You might find some advice handy and must-know, especially if you are already using your 6 Plus gadget with both hands. Free one hand. This is easy when you know where to practice your new knowledge.

Simple iPhone 6 Plus One Hand Use

How to Use iPhone 6 Plus with One Hand

Tip 1. Since the 5.5-inch screen is pretty big you can create folders with your apps. This way you can reach the folder with your thumb, for example, and get fast access to the programs stored inside.

Tip 2. You can double click on your Home button to invoke Reachability view available in iOS 8. This feature slides your screen down making it possible and simple to click on everything that is located on your display’s top.

Tip 3. There is a big number of fun and simple Cydia tweaks for iOS 8 iPhone 6 Plus so if you jailbreak you’ll be able to use them all. This tip is good for users who are running iOS 8.1.2 and below versions because both iOS 8.1.3 which Apple stopped signing recently and current iOS 8.2 you can install now are not jailbreakable at the moment.

Tip 4. If you have a number of apps you use most of all you should change their position on your Home screen. Just place them to the bottom of it and closer to the edge so that you can easily reach the icons with your right or left hand.

Tip 5. Try to hold your smartphone not at the bottom of the device, but a bit higher. This way you can access more information on the screen.

Tip 6. One-handed use of the iPhone 6 Plus can be simplified with QuickType feature. This option suggest words to finish your phrase above your virtual keyboard. It is not hard to choose the suggestion with a thumb.

Has it become simpler to use iPhone 6 Plus with one hand?