It Is Possible to Start Car via SMS from iPhone [How It Works]

There is one hack that makes it possible to start car via SMS from iPhone. Does it sound fantastic? The person who has invented it is a genius, as sometimes, especially during winter days, you wish to start your car without leaving home and shivering in the cold for a couple of minutes. It could be so much fun if you are able to start the car using SMS hack on iPhone and then just sit in your warm vehicle getting ready to drive to work or school.

Of course, you can always purchase a remote ignition, but it is much easier to use iOS smartphone instead and have no extra block on the keychain. The idea to start car via SMS from iPhone belongs to Will O’Brien. His hack can be replicated with ease, we will tell you how.

start car via sms from iphone

What You Need

In case you want to try this out, you will need to jailbreak iPhone, a breakout board for your smartphone, an arduino and some other components [resistors, wiring and, of course, knowledge on how unix/perl/arduino work].

This is how the hack works, according to O’Brien. He text messages using the handset with the words: “Start 1234?” Why does he use these numbers? This is just the password in the phone script. When the device receives this text it makes the arduino start through its serial interface, and it grounds the wire to the remote start. This is how the whole thing is activated.

The smartphone messages back with the phrase “Executed” so that its owner knows that his or her SMS is received and it is working on starting the car.

Future Plans

Will wants to make his phone confirm that the car has started in the future. If you wish to learn more about the whole process, visit Will O’Brien’s personal site. For now this is just a prototype. What do you think about this idea of starting a car via SMS command?