How to Sync Media to iPhone Without iTunes

Not all Apple users know that iPhone syncing without iTunes is also possible. There alternative methods you can use. It is also possible to completely delete iTunes from your computer and still sync your precious iOS smartphone with ease.

iTunes is a pretty comfortable program that helps you install games, apps and songs on your iPhone or iPad. It is easy-to-use, often upgraded by Apple [the company is trying to fix all possible issues asap and offer the new version of its desktop program to customers several times a year] and works on both Mac and PC.

You can sync media to iPhone without iTunes. Still let’s find out if this is really necessary.

There are numerous programs that can become alternative to iTunes desktop program. For example, you can import file using VOX, Swinsian, Spotify, Rdio and Tidal for streaming cloud-based music playback option or import your FLAC files to listen to your favorite tunes.

It is necessary to note that not all iTunes alternatives are free to use. Some require you paying for the application and this isn’t the best method, is it? Spotify is absolutely the best programto use when you need a huge catalogue. It is also works with OS X platform and can integrate all your songs without issues.

If you are looking for iTunes replacement on your iOS gadget it will be hard to find a good alternative. There is WALTR program that is good for users who enjoy owing music files and not just subscribe to streaming sources. The same program can easily convert your videos to be viewed on iOS Videos application.

If you would like to read books, listen to podcasts, watch movies and TV channels you could try to use Podcast application, Pocket Casts, Downcast or Instacast that offer iOS versions [some also have OS X apps].

If you need to back up or manage your iOS apps you could try to use the App Store right from iPhone or iPad and download / install / delete programs through your iTunes account. This might consume more time than regular iTunes desktop program.

It is also possible to completely delete iTunes from your Mac machine however there are a lot of chances you’ll regret this decision and download the most recent version of iTunes from Apple.

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