The OpenJailbreak Website Goes Live, Take A Peak

Well, it is an open source Jailbreak repository that is going to be managed by a team headed by P0sixninja. Essentially this repository will help breathe new life into the Jailbreaking community, allowing users to contribute and learn from the code, producing cross-collaboration that could ultimately lead to quicker discovery of future jailbreak exploits foriOS 7 and beyond.


The website is now live. The site is based on the Redmine project management tool and currently contains a ton of open source projects for manipulating Apple’s IPSW files, crash reports, HFS partitions and DMG files. There is even libraries for accessing and manipulating iOS DyldCache files.
This is just a start to OpenJailbreak and more and more projects will be added to the site in the coming weeks. With Surenix actively working on the sites them as well you can expect great things from OpenJailbreak in the near future.

We will keep you updated on OpenJailbreak’s progress so stay tuned.

Source LUI Via iJailbreak