How Thick Is iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus?

How thick is iPhone 6s and its ‘brother’ iPhone 6s Plus? Apple will release the two models officially on September 9th. Customers surely wonder about the smartphone’s specs before its public introduction and launch. There are a lot of iPhone 6s size specs rumored and you can learn about the possible thickness as well.

According to the leaked photos, the ‘S’ line devices should be bigger and thicker than the current iPhone 6. The changes aren’t major, they are slight but still exist compared to the current gen models.

As you can see on the images that are believed to show the real iPhone 6s, it will be thicker than iPhone 6. While the current generation handset is 6.9mm thick, the upcoming 2015 model will be 7.08mm thick.

The next iPhone 6s Plus should be 7.3mm thick and the current iPhone 6 Plus is 7.1mm thick. You can see the increase of 0.2mm. It’s not that much and Apple has to add some thickness due to Force Touch technology that is rumored to be added to the new models. The Cupertino-based company is also rumored to add aluminium series 7000 shell for the iDevices and this also affects the thickness of the phone’s body.

Besides the pics show the ‘s’ lineup taller and wider than current iPhones. The difference is also slight, less than 1mm, but it is revealed on the leaked images. Thus iPhone 6s is 67.68mm x 138.19mm. You can compare this to the iPhone 6s dimensions that are 67mm x 138.1mm.

What do you think about such possible changes in iPhone 6s thickness?

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