How to Unlock iPhone 4 Baseband 04.12.02 on iOS 6

There are few days before iOS 6 official release date but the question how to unlock 04.12.02 baseband on iPhone 4 iOS 6 needs to be answered today.

Yesterday I wrote you a guide where you could find out what iOS 6 baseband version¬†your iPhone would get after update. So the baseband in iPhone 4 GSM will be 04.12.02 and here I’ll show you how to unlock it.

unlock iPhone 4 baseband 04.12.02 iOS 6

There is two methods that you can use. One is paid and other is free but not for all. You can use IMEI unlock code or SAM tool. First method is the best. Why? Because after using this method you will get official factory and permanent unlock.

So let’s begin to unlock 04.12.02 on iPhone 4 GSM running iOS 6 using two different methods.

Unlock 04.12.02 iPhone 4 iOS 6 Using IMEI unlock Code

As I said this method is the best but paid. However I can confirm that it is not fake. Many our readers successfully unlocked their phones using this method and remained happy. Let’s look at benefits of IMEI unlock by legit service for AT&T iPhone or permanent unlock for international networks like Vodafone, Orange and others. Let’s take a look at the benefits of factory unlock:

  • It will unlock any baseband and any firmware including 04.12.02 and iOS 6
  • You will get official iPhone unlock
  • Your IMEI will be putted in Apple whitelist database
  • The unlock will be permanent
  • You can update, restore, sync via iTune and jailbreak your iPhone not worrying about losing unlock
  • After unlock iPhone warranty remains valid

As you see it worth it. Also if you use AT&T you can unlock even blacklisted iPhone (reported as stolen or lost etc.). And even more benefits you will get using legit IMEI unlocking service for iPhone 04.12.02 on iOS 6.

Unlock 04.12.02 Baseband iPhone on iOS 6 Using SAM Tool

This a free unlocking method but not for all. You can only use it if your iPhone unlocked with SAM and you save Activation ticket. The method works to this day but to our great regret, saving key was available for only two days, until Apple fix a bug in April. Check out our article about updated SAM unlock, and you can learn in detail about all the features of this unlocking solution for iPhone 4 04.12.02.

That’s it. I doubt that we will see some other solution for your iPhone baseband 04.12.02. But if there would something else I will try it and share my experience with you. I hope you will choose the right solution for your iPhone after update it to iOS 6 and will easily unlock 04.12.02 baseband. Stay tuned with us to be the first who will successfully unlock iOS 6 using different methods