How to Unlock the Upcoming iOS 6.1 [Useful Instruction]

Eventually Apple will release its next iOS 6.1 and millions of iPhone owners will update their firmware to the latest version. Will you be able to unlock the upcoming iOS 6.1? Surely, there will be a way to do so. Maybe some carriers will offer the official service and charge you a particular price. Maybe there will be software solutions available for free. We don’t know for sure, but right now we can tell you one true thing that the factory unlock iOS 6.1 iPhone already exists and it will work as soon as this firmware gets its upgrade.

You might have guessed by now that we meant iPhone IMEI unlock tool which is good for any iOS, including the upcoming iOS 6.1. Last time we wrote you about how to unlock iOS 6.1 beta. Thus any iPhone customer who wishes to unlock upcoming iOS 6.1 smartphone will be able to do so by following our useful instruction.

How to Unlock iOS 6.1

Cheap and Real iOS 6.1 Unlock

The service we want you to know about is IMEI unlock service which is factory, real and very cheap. It is a perfect solution for users who would love to unlock upcoming iOS 6.1, 6.2, etc. We can guaranty this and millions of users worldwide can prove to you that this service is fast, affordable and approved by Apple because their iPhones are unlocked forever and listed in the white list of IMEI numbers held by the Cupertino-based company.

If you also want to be among the successful owners of unlocked iPhones when the iOS 6.1 is out, follow our short guide and you will be able to use any SIM card to make phone calls using your device.


In order to factory unlock upcoming iOS 6.1, 6.2, 7 etc. iPhones with IMEI number tool you must know the model of your handset [iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, etc.], your IMEI number [Settingsd – General – About] and the carrier you are locked to. IMEI unlock service works for all iOS versions, basebands and a lot of mobile operators that sell handsets locked to their networks. If your device is locked to AT&T network unlock your iPhone for the cheapest price on the web.

Choose the company below that will unlock your iPhone with IMEI tool and add your IMEI number to Apple’s whitelist database, provide the information about your device [its model, IMEI and carrier name] and wait till your unlock is delivered to you.

The last method you can use is the cheapest IMEI unlock international service on the web and you can use it right now and right here.