Unlock iPhone 5S AT&T Running iOS 7.0.2

Have you purchased your iPhone 5S or iPhone 5c from AT&T carrier? Would you like to change network? Since your smartphone is locked you can’t just insert another SIM card in order to switch your mobile operator to another one. You need to unlock iPhone 5S AT&T model.

The new Apple phone comes with a new baseband. You are able to actually unlock iPhone 5S 1.00.06 if you know about the free service described below. It is easy and you might succeed if you give it a try.

Different people like different networks. That’s ok as each customer has his or her personal tastes on products and services. It can’t be said that A&T is bad. Each network has its pros and cons, however, if you happen to not like staying on AT&T you should unlock.


It is impossible to enjoy non-supported SIM cards on AT&T iPhone 5S using old hacking tools or jailbreak utilities. It’s best to either order factory unlock which is paid for or try to use the free AT&T service. Both methods might work for your iOS 7 device.

The carrier is capable of unlocking its iPhones for consumers who are eligible for free in AT&T. This is official and offered by this carrier so you can ask it if and when you are able to order this service.

This U.S. mobile operator offers free unlock for its AT&T iPhones since spring 2013. You just need to have a good-standing account with the carrier and have no commitment with this provider. In other words, you contract should be fulfilled or you should pay the termination fee.

It is easy to figure out whether you can have the handset unlocked or not. Just contact AT&T and its support will tell you if you are eligible or not. If everything is ok your device might be unlocked in 2 days after you order the service.

iPhone Unlock Methods

Don’t get upset if you are not eligible at the moment. You can always unlock AT&T iPhone 5S iOS 7 with our help. It is also fast and official, we have already helped thousands of Apple fans to free from one carrier’s network limitation. Use the service you see below get lost from locked status of iPhone:

Note: Remember that iPhone should be first activated before the carrier (AT&T) will unlock it. Otherwise the IMEI of not activated iPhone will not be in their database and unlock code will come as Not Found.