Why You Need to Update to iOS 6 for Using Siri

iOS device users should upgrade to iOS 6 to use Siri. Why is it required? Can’t you use various tweaks and stay on iOS 5? Actually, Siri upgrades to iOS 6 is more important for sports fans, so if you wish to get all the news about your favorite teams, scores, etc. upgrade iOS using Siri, your smart iPhone assistant.

I don’t know if you are truly using Siri to help you search for various things via Safari browser, launch apps and games, etc. But from now on if you want to ask your assistant for help with sports updates, you need to first read our Siri update news in iOS 6.

Superbowl and Siri Assistance


The sad news with untethered iOS 6 jailbreak being not released makes a lot of iPhone and iPad users unhappy, as there are a lot of applications and games exclusive to this firmware version, and Apple make it very complicated for hackers to find the key to the operating system’s jailbreaking utility creation. Thus a lot of people don’t update their firmware and prefer to stay on the previous version that can be jailbroken.

This firmware boasts some new features, including over the air update messages. And you can deal with many of the annoyances using tweaks. However, this is one issue that can’t be solved until you choose to update to iOS 6 wit Siri.

Sports Fans Need iOS 6

If you are a fan of sports, you are unable to use Siri in order to learn everything about the superbowl, for example. One iPhone user tried to ask assistant for help and you’ll be surprised to know what the answer was, “If you update to the latest version of iOS, I’ll be able to help you with that.”

Only iOS 6 users are able to get sports information from different sports leagues using Siri, otherwise your assistant will refuse to do sports searches on your behalf.