How to Update to iOS 9.1 on iPhone [Instruction]

Since a number of users who are testing iOS 9 [the public iOS 9 release is September 16] experience the annoying issue with false iOS 9 update message, you might want to update to iOS 9.1 beta that is rolled out by Apple. This is a simple way to continue testing the ‘fruit’ platform and get rid of the bug.

iOS 9.1 public beta or developer’s beta is the choice you’ll have to make. Apple releases two types of testing firmware versions. One is always meant to registered developers and the second one is designed for users who participate in Apple Public Beta program. You can sign up for this program as well if you are interested in peering inside the upcoming mobile firmwares months or weeks before they are released to public.

How to Update to iOS 9.1 on iPhone

Step 1. Firstly you should enroll with the Public Beta testing program.

Step 2. Go to and register.

Step 3. Secondly you’ll have to install the beta available for you.

Step 4. Select iOS menu.

Step 5. Choose Enroll Device. You’ll have to repeat this step for every new update that will be released by Apple.

Step 6. Choose Install Beta option.

Step 7. Remember to restart your iPhone or iPad.

Step 8. Select Settings menu on your iDevice.

Step 9. Go to Check for Updates – Install Update and upgrade to iOS 9.1 beta from your Apple device.

iOS 9.1 release date might be in October. You can start testing this version now and see what minor improvements will be introduced to others this fall.

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