Users Are Already Lining Up at 5th Avenue Store for Apple iPhone 6

Apple Store U.S. iPhone 6 release is planned for September 19th but this date hasn’t been confirmed by the company yet which holds it annual smartphone event on September 9. Still, as for September 4 customers are already waiting in line in front of the famous 5th Avenue Apple store in New York City wishing to buy iPhone 6 as soon as it appears on the store shelves.

There is still no confirmation on the iPhone 6 specs, release date in 2014 and price though the rumors suggest that this model will cost more than previous versions of the iconic device. The unusual iPhone 6 line up means that these customers are going to spend about 16 days in line in front of the store!

Of course, there are a lot of people who are standing in this line only to get media attention. It might be even Apple’s new campaign to attract as many potential customers as possible to its next major smartphone line upgrade. Still there are some campers who are really waiting in line to purchase the new handset right on its official release date.

iphone 6 line up

Some people might represent a business and others are simply helping someone to purchase the iPhone 6 and earn some money as well as it’s not a secret that some consumers are willing to pay hundreds of bucks to get their hands on the most recent smartphone model as quickly as it lands in stores.

According to CNBC interview with some people from the 5th Avenue store line, some campers are waiting in line beginning from August 31, 2014. Some people will later sell their place in this line for over $1,000…

You can watch the video with the iPhone 6 line up campers to hear more:

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