Users Report iCloud Mail Not Working and Notes Not Syncing

While different Apple sites are not working users also report iCloud outage 2016. The problem seems to occur to less than 1% of iCloud users but it is real and exists for some iPhone and iPad owners. Apple is completely aware of the new issues.

If you notice iCloud Mail not working bug you should know that there are other people out there who have the similar problem. Besides users report iCloud Notes not syncing issue and other Apple bugs and troubles. The company has grew so big that it keeps getting various bugs more often.

iCloud Mail Outage 2016 Notes Not Working Apple

According to Apple, it knows about the new iCloud outage 2016 which has affected different iCloud services including Notes and Mail. How does the problem appear? Some people just cannot sync their Notes while others cannot use Notes at all. Some users are not able to receive mails through Mail and others are unable to send mails. For some people iCloud Mail is not working for both sending and getting messages.

There are many tweets about the problems and they also mention that some users cannot save long emails [learn how to email large files on iPhone for free]. Current Apple cloud servers are not reliable lately. The company is hit by numerous outages and users can’t be happy with such situation.

There are other cloud services you might wish to discover. Apple could also build its own cloud infrastructure in the future to rely on more services and experience less outages.

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