How to Email Large Files / Attachments for Free on iPhone

Sometimes you wish to email large files free on iPhone or iPad. How is it possible to do? Is there a special program you have to download and use? We’ll share the instruction with you about iPhone email large attachments steps [here is an interesting Mail jailbreak tweak for iPhone]. They are all simple and you should have no issues at all.

Firstly, you are not able to use Mail application to send huge files. This is a great tool for sharing single images and gifs. Secondly, you can use Mail Drop option available on iOS 9.2 firmware version and simplify the process to sending multiple attachments or big files.

iOS 9.3 Mail Drop Large File Email iPhone

How to Email Large Files on iPhone iOS 9.2

Step 1. You have to know that Mail Drop gives you up to 5GB of limit in attachment size. It is possible to send such huge files right from iPhone and iPad through Mail application. This way you can send even big video files along with songs to your friends.

Step 2. Mail Drop expands the limits of Mail from 20-25 MB to 5 GB. The recipient of such email has to download the attachment within 30 days. Your iCloud storage will remain the same since Mail Drop doesn’t ‘eat’ its space.

Step 3. Mail Drop starts to work automatically when the file you are trying to attach is too big for normal emails. So attach the file through Mail app on iPhone and you’ll be suggested to move forward with Mail Drop iOS 9.2 feature.

Step 4. Select Use Mail Drop option and attach your file. You can now send the email. This is very simple and fast.

Step 5. If the recipient of the large files has no iPhone along with Mail Drop he can download the file anyways.

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