Users Suffer Serious Apple Pay Issues

iOS 8 release brought the new Apple payment service called Apple Pay. Users who were quick to adapt this system and began paying for products and services online and in retail stores using this one-click option experience some unpleasant Apple Pay problems.

According to Bank of America, iOS 8 feature called Apple Pay double charges truly exist and this is a big issue right now. This Bank is Apple’s partner in the project, and it looks like the first mobile payment has the bugs that need to be resolved.

Apple Pay bug includes double charges and this is one of the major issues for customers who have already added their credit card number and details to Apply Pay system. Receiving double charges is not very nice.

While users are not happy with Apple Pay issues, Bank of America reports that it faces a technical error and this error double charges the users’ accounts. The company is developing a fix to this issue and hopefully it will soon fix everything.

So far, about one thousand transactions got the double charge on them. The problems is not on Apple’s side, the report states.

Did you try the new Apple Pay service yet? What do you think about it? Did you have the issue with double transaction or not?