Virtually Type Text Using Invisible Keyboard for iPhone

We are living in the time where invisible virtual keyboard for iPhone is normal. At least, one student thinks so. There are many who dream to get alternative text input methods for mobile devices. You can find online the concepts of holographic keyboards, text by recognizing three-dimensional gestures, and more. Unfortunately, most of the ideas look fantastic and it is unlikely in the near future will be a real technology. But it is not all bad. Today, the information appeared in the network about the concept invisible keyboard that actually works.

Florian Kräutli, a student of the University of London Goldsmiths has developed unusual project, an invisible keyboard for iPhone which runs through the accelerometer of the iPhone. Florian Kräutli decided to use surface vibration of iPhone as an input source. Accelerometer captures the strength and frequency of the oscillations produced by the operator, and special application compares them with the click of a virtual keyboard on the iPhone.

Florian says that the signals received by the device are very weak, and at the time of his iPhone application, known as “Vibrative” only demonstrates the potential of an invisible keyboard. The problem is the lack of sensitivity of the accelerometer, which prevents the recognition accuracy of data.

In theory it will be possible to type on virtually any surface, you can type on paper-keyboard, cheat sheet, if you do not have skills of blind typing. This input method may not work quickly, to ensure accurate identification it is required to make a pre-calibration of a few taps that Florian shows on video.

Developer of “Vibrative” invisible keyboard for iPhone suggested that the sensitivity of accelerometers in smartphones is not using its potential to 100%. Manufacturers deliberately make them less susceptible to conserve battery power. Invisible virtual keyboard “Vibrative” has a chance to become a full-fledged alternative input method if sensitivity of the sensors will increase.