Are you tired of your iPhone taking double photos? It is so easy to deal with this problem that you’ll love the quick fix offered below. Sometimes users do experience problems with their gadgets [learn how to share your images on Instagram directly from your phone]. iPhone HDR camera and iPhone 7 Plus Portrait mode do take extra images and thus your photos library can look a bit consuming unless you solve the issues right away. You can surely pay no attention to double photos on iPhone 7 Plus. However think about this. Firstly, your library is all messed up because of all the duplicates. Secondly, you waste your storage while it is easier to delete iPhone duplicate photos from your camera roll and free up some space that can be used for other information. Portrait Mode Feature on iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone Taking Double Photos

A lot of us come across unexpected issues. Why do I have duplicate photos on my iPhone 7 Plus? It happens for two main reasons. You are taking Phone 7 Plus Portrait Mode photos which duplicate themselves. Or you are creating iPhone hdr multiple images and thus you have more than one picture in your gallery. Here is the instruction for users who don’t need more than one unique photograph on their smartphone. iPhone duplicate photos with Portrait Mode

How to Use Portrait Mode on iPhone 7 Plus without Double Photos

Step 1. In order to get rid of double photos on your iPhone 7 Plus you should turn off your portrait mode option. Step 2. Open Settings on your smartphone. Photos & Camera section Step 3. Get down to Photos & Camera section. Step 4. Disable the Keep Normal Photo option right under your Portrait Mode. Stop Duplicate Photos on iPhone 7 Plus Step 5. Now try taking an image with your iDevice. The Portrait Mode shouldn’t create two photos at once from now on. This is a quick trick for iOS 10 users who don’t like it when their amazing iPhone 7 Plus suddenly starts taking two photos at once instead of a single picture. The portrait mode is a unique option that is available only on 7 Plus phones. This feature creates an improved photo and if you enable ‘Keep Normal Photo’ feature the phone will save both enhanced and original image and thus you’ll find iPhone duplicate photos in your photo library. Disable duplicate images on iPhone

iPhone HDR Multiple Photos: How to Get Rid of Two Similar Images

Now you know why your iPhone 7 Plus is taking 2 pictures with Portrait Mode being turned on. The same thing happens when you are working with HDR images which are high definition range pics that are improved compared to regular photos. Thus when you are working with HDR files your phone automatically saves the original and HDR photo and you get doubles. Just stop the HDR feature from creating two identical photos in your iPhone library. It’s really quickly and the tip is so simple you’ll love it at once. Step 1. Open Settings on your handset. Step 2. Get down to Photos & Camera section where you can adjust the settings for HDR images. Step 3. Look at your HDR menu. DHR Duplicate Photos on iPhone How to Disable Step 4. You’ll see Keep Normal Photo feature that you must disable. Step 5. Now your gadget should add only one image to your Camera Roll. Isn’t it great? You can see that both HDR and Portrait Mode features are really similar. The only difference is that you can use the Portrait Mode iOS 10 option only on one Apple device which is iPhone 7 Plus since this feature is exclusive to this model only. It’s up to you whether you have duplicate images or not. The guides above clearly explain how you can remove all the double photos from your Camera Roll or Photo Library.