Have you heard that updated SAM unlock brings many errors fixes that can appear during iPhone unlocking process? If not then use this post for more information about that because here I show you how to use updated SAM avoiding activation errors. When you have unlocked your iPhone using SAM and saved your activation ticket (use this guide to save it quickly) then you had to noticed that it had not been very easy. SIM card had to be putted in iPhone to locate your IMSI number (this was the first thing where became troubles), activation and deactivation process lasted long with selecting you country and carrier. Also you was needed to be connected to iTunes to verify your IMSI number and other boring things. how to use updated SAM With updated SAM 0.1.16-1 you can bypass all these problems and unlock your iPhone quickly. You can also check SAM troubleshooting here. I wrote this guide for those who want to change Carrier and unlock iPhone quickly. You have to know that if you need or want to change your SIM card then you have to perform SAM unlock again.

Updated SAM 0.1.16-1 Fixes

  • No need iTunes
  • No need your SIM card during unlocking process
  • No need IMSI number
So now I show you how to use updated SAM just follow my steps.

How to Use Update SAM Without IMSI number

Step 1. Go to Cydia and install SAM package using this repository:
use updated SAM Step 2. After adding repo, go to Sources and find SAM package. Step 3. Install SAM. Step  4. After installing SAM on your iPhone enter your SIM card and launch SAMPrefs icon on the homescreen. Step 5. Go to the Utility and tap Attempt Activation button and will see box saying “Please wait …. this may take a while”. how to use SAM Note: If there is no Attempt Activation button then try to be patient, because it is occasionally delayed. Wait till your iPhone resprings and then you will see signal bars appear. After that you may be sure that iPhone unlocked. And that’s it. You have just unlocked your iPhone with updated SAM. However if you see an error message that asks you to select the original carrier of your SIM ID. You can also use this these steps but better follow my guide below because it is much simpler and appropriate updated SAM:

How to Fix SAM Error

Step 1. Take out your Sim Step 2. Launch iFile ( if you need to install iFile then go here) and head to:
tap Edit in the top right-hand corner, and choose Lockdown, and tap the zip button to generate a back-up of Lockdown. Browse to the bottom to make sure that a copy zip was made. Now get rid of the Lockdown folder. Step 3. Go to:
Look for SAM and delete this file:
fix Sim ID errorStep 4. Reboot your iPhone. Step 5. Put in your unofficial Sim. Step 6. Launch SAMprefs go to Utilities and tap Attempt Activation. After receiving the dialog that say that it can require some time your iPhone will respring. When you see the signal of your Carrier you can be shore that you have just successfully unlocked your iPhone using SAM. Also now you know how to use updated SAM and can do it again every time you need