Have you ever wanted to play Mario Bros on iPhone? A lot of users are in love with this old Nintendo game, but it is not available in the App Store or on Cydia [you can still install Nintendo emulator to play anything you want on the iPhone]. It might soon be possible to play Super Mario Bros 3 on iPhone and other games from this popular series because Nintendo and DeNA became partners to bring beloved gaming experience to iOS 8 and future iOS 9 smartphones in 2015. DeNA is a company from Japan that brings different iconic games to mobile devices. Nintendo games on iOS 8 will become real once the two companies develop them for smartphones manufactured by Apple. If you thought that Mario Bros would be ported to your iPhone you are wrong. Nintendo is not going to do this. It will develop brand new titles using the previous experience and make high quality Mario and other games specifically for iOS platform. There won’t be tons of titles. Both companies are planning to focus on mobile game quality. There will also be a new service that can appear as soon as in the fall of 2015. Nintendo and DeNA want it to be cross-platform and let users play across smartphones, gaming consoles, computers and even more. What do you think about the possibility of iOS Mario Bros game release?