Can you play Nintendo games on iPhone 6 without any additional devices? Nintendo is truly creating iOS games for Apple mobile devices. What Nintendo games work on iPhone? Well, fans of this company can’t wait to see Mario iPhone game. Will it be released? According to reports, Nintendo games for iPhone 6 include Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing. Unfortunately there is no work about Super Mario becoming official iOS 9 or iOS 10 game. The franchise is only bringing other titles not as popular as Super Mario, at least for Mario fans. The lovable plumber is still a dream of millions of users. iPhone Nintendo Games 2016 Of course, both Nintendo Games for iPhone 6 [Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing] are very popular. They also have over million fans across the world. This is the reason why the company is updating them to support iOS platform. Still there are many users who wish to see Zelda and Mario games instead. The release date is not confirmed. No one can tell you when exactly Nintendo is planning to offer iOS games [you can also use Nintendo iOS emulator]. The company has been promising iPhone games for a while but haven’t presented anything officially yet. A month ago Nintedo brought its first iOS game Miitomo and it became extremely popular in Japan reading over million downloads in just 3 days. No wonder users are waiting for other games to be presented for Apple gadgets. We might see them released sometime this year or next year. Why not?