A9 Processor iPhone Price Cut Negotiated by Apple

Customers are already waiting for the release of iPhone 6S and 6S Plus models that are expected to appear on the store shelves in the end of September. The new rumors suggest that Apple is still negotiating about A9 chip price with the two companies that are manufacturing these processors.

According to reports, the Cupertino-based giant wants TSMC and Samsung to offer price cuts for A9 processor iPhone and it is not clear if the two firms are eager to offer the last minute discount or not.

We have heard earlier that the A9 chip is already in the production. Then there were rumors about low demand on the “S” lineup this year because consumers don’t want Force Touch option to be the only outstanding feature in the new iPhone. The lower sales of iPhones in China also predict lower revenue for Apple this year.

Some unnamed sources believe that TSMC would most likely refuse to offer discounts on A9 chip and this might lead to cutback in the order of iPhone 6S / 6S Plus processor from this company. At the same time Samsung seems to agree and provide further discounts so Apple could order more chips from this company if TSMC refuses.

The A9 processors should be fabricated on the 14/16nm FinFET process. Apple could order around 20,000 units from TMSC while it intended to order 30,000 of them. How could this reflect the iPhone “S” price? We don’t know if Apple is going to make its new smartphones more expensive than iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

The higher price wouldn’t bring more customers. Experts predict that the company could sell around 65-75 million of new generation iPhone in Q4 2015. Will these predictions come true? Time runs very fast and soon we’ll see the release of the “S” lineup and learn how these iDevices are sold in the U.S. and other countries across the world.