How to Add More Icons to iPhone Dock

Regular number of iPhone dock icons is only 4 and Apple doesn’t let users add more apps to their Home screen. Well, users who are jailbroken can add more icons to iPhone dock. This is pretty simple and you can easily double the number of icons you have.

In order to get more iPhone dock icons you’ll have to download and install one additional tool on your iDevice. It can be obtained from the Cydia store. This means your iOS 8 smartphone has to be jailbroken otherwise you cannot use Cydia and jailbreak tweaks.

iPhone Dock Jailbreak Tweak With Extra Row of Icons

BigBoss repository has a tweak called Docker. It is available at $1.99 and everyone who is ready to pay this much for an extra tool will get an additional row of app icons on their Apple handset dock.

You dock can look the same since the additional row will be hidden. You’ll swipe up and it will appear revealing the additional application icons. This is really easy, fast and looks pretty neat on the iPhone [note that Apple will soon present iOS 9 firmware features and new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus models].

Once the tweak is installed on your gadget you will find the ‘plus’ symbols on the dock’s second row. This is where you are able to add more apps. You have guessed that you’ll have to press on ‘+’ in order to add the new app icon. In order to remove it you’ll have to click-hold on the icon waiting for it to jiggle and show ‘X’ option which deletes the icon returning the app to its original position.

Some users note that it is impossible to add apps from the last row on you Home screen. Do you also have this same problem or not?

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