Amazon Promises iPhone 6 Spigen Cases for September 30

The new iPhone 6 launch date hasn’t been confirmed yet but some companies are already listing their accessories online for this new-generation smartphone. We know that the approximate iPhone 6 release time is September 2014, according to different rumors and experts.

Well, Spigen has already listed its new iPhone 6 cases on Amazon. There are three options available but each will be in stock on September 30. They are created for a slim gadget and they are already added to Amazon market.

At the same time, if you take a closer look at these cases you will see an unofficial smartphone located inside this accessory. The iPhone 6 news hint on a slim gadget still it’s difficult to say whether the iPhone 6 we see in Spigen cases is real or simply an idea what this accessory maker wants it to be.

So far, everything lines up pretty nice with all the leaked images found on the web. It looks like the Power button really gets a new position being move onto the iPhone’s side. In current models, it is located at the top.

Will iPhone be released on September 19 or September 25? There are different predictions, but it looks like it should be launched before the end of September. Remember that once it is offered by carriers with a 2-year contract, you can always request factory iPhone 6 unlock and become safely unlocked with an endless guarantee.