Look At The Scheme of App Store Hack Made By ZonD80

Despite the fact that it is many noise around App Store hack and its creator ZonD80 I decided to show you on the scheme below how this hack works.

We have already written you the post where you can read about Apple answer to this hack. Also, I have got exclusive interview with ZonD80 (by the way his real name is Alexey V. Borodin) and his thoughts about all this situation.

There is news that Russian hacker plans to update his in-app proxy server and protect it from Apple ban by moving to offshore country (ZonD80 told in the interview that it may be Holland) where Apple can’t reach him. His App Store crack will be updated and cuts out Apple’s servers.

But I can say that in-app server is working and it seem that nothing can break it so if you have a desire to connect to the ZonD80 server and use this App Store hack you can install in-app proxy server and download apps for free.

But here you can check out the scheme on how this crack from ZonD80 is working. You can see there how the process goes through the App Store, Application and Developer server from the beginning and to the end.

app store hack zond80What can I say?… It is really clever method to crack App Store and ZonD80 made it. But there is one question that bother me: How long in-app proxy server will work?

Even when ZonD80 moves it in offshore country and fully upgrades it it is hard to be live that Apple will put up with this and don’t let Russian hacker to keep his App store hack alive.

I’m saying so because Cupertino company can lose a big part of its app developers who can leave iTunes and iOS and begin to develop apps for Apple’s rivals Android and Microsoft.

Stay tuned with us and get more information about this App Store hack and ZonD80. Also leave your comments in the comment form below regarding in-app proxy server and morality of this situation.