Apple Won't Launch iOS 6.1.4 Firmware. Shall We Wait Only for iOS 7?

In early April, Apple has placed the announcement on the Support page that due to the lawsuit, it will change the work of the ‘VPN on demand” function on iOS devices running iOS 6.1 or later. It was assumed that the company will release iOS 6.1.4, a corresponding update that will fix that issue.

In March, 2013 Court of the Eastern District of Texas, considered the Apple’s appeal to upheld the decision that the company from Cupertino was guilty of violating VirnetX patents. In addition to paying a fine of $ 368 million Apple should change the VPN settings in the iOS 6.1 operating system iOS 6.1.

But just few minutes ago Apple company released iOS 6.1.4 with audio profile speakerphone feature and you can download it on iPhone 5 without problems

However, this week’s paper has been corrected info about iOS 6.1.4 launch date. Now it says that the company is no longer planning to make changes in the behavior of VPN on demand for the device that were already shipped. The function will work on iDevices as before, the Apple report says. Apparently, the U.S. giant has reached an agreement with VirnetX and will make a difference in the way of the VPN in upcoming iOS 7 firmware this summer.

VirnetX Holding filed a lawsuit for $ 900 million against Apple back in 2010. It was listed as a number of patents on network technology, including the principle of video communications technology in FaceTime. In November 2012, a Texas court ruled in favor of the holding company and ordered Apple to pay a fine in the amount of $ 368.2 million. In March, the court considered the appeal of the iPhone maker and upheld the above decision.

Three years ago, VirnetX sued Microsoft $ 106 million for patent infringement on network technology (VPN).