Apple Releases iWork Upgrade with New Improvements

Apple has offered iWork improvements to its customers. You can download the improved application and enjoy some new iWork features that cooperate with your iCloud account and options. For example, this program can remember what the last file you edited through iCloud which is useful, handy and makes your work much faster.

iWork upgrade is meant to make iCloud experience simpler and quicker. You will see Keynote once you download the latest version along with Numbers and Pages – everything is included in the iPhone maker’s iCloud suite now along with different enhancements. I hope there won’t be problems with iWork like it was last summer.

iWork update 2014 is perfect if you are working with shared documents and need to edit them under your username. You will get a suggestion on the usernames last used.

New iWork options also offer better and bigger memory in iCloud. For example, this app remembers both your last file launched and settings you adjust for your interface. This could be comfortable for people who work with numbers, zoom and other options and need to open documents with settings saved during previous session.

You can update iWork using iCloud.