Use Find My iPhone Activation Lock Status Checker Before Buying or Unlocking iPhone

Nowadays iOS 7 is the most advanced OS on the market. At the same time, a number of new features in iOS 7 may result in serious problems for users. And one of them is a technical protection against thieves called Activation Lock. This function blocks using of iPhone after buying stolen or Find My iPhone enabled device.

Find My iPhone sends a command to your gadget. After that your device becomes to be locked and can not be unblocked by any means, except for re-sending a team owner.

Activation Lock is a deterrent to all sorts of thieves. The potential benefits of the tool is enormous, as well as brings potential problems as well.

find my iphone ios 7 activation lock

So Why Is It a Problem?

  • The first, stolen iPhone can be resold to unsuspecting user without the problems on eBay or Craglist or other online service. As a result, a buyer discovers that the device can not be activated. He will forever remain the ” brick ” in his hands.
  • The second problem is the lack of method to unlock the device by its owner.
  • The third. When you bought used device and was using online service to factory unlock iPhone sometimes you might need to restore iPhone to complete unlocking. So if Find My iPhone activation lock was enabled by the previous user you would stuck on Activation screen which would ask you to enter Apple ID details to go on.
  • The fourth – human factor. If you forget the password for your Apple ID and you can not recover it, while your device is locked – you will not be able to use your device.

Apple states: “If you forget your password and can not recover it , you lose access to your account Apple ID and probably will not be able to use or re-activate the device.”

What Do I Do In This Case?

Fortunately there is a service which you can use before buying or restoring iPhone. You can try iOS 7 Activation Lock checker to see if Find My iPhone disabled or enabled.

If it will be enabled it will no be safe to buy or restore such device. But if it will be disabled there will be no problems, and you can purchase it from the seller or restore it in iTunes.

What Should I do If I Already Stuck on Find My iPhone Activation Lock

Just recently this problem was solved. Now you can use a service that will bypass Find My iPhone iOS 7 activation lock remotely. It is not a hack or something like that. It is official way to get rid of this issue.