Does Apple Still Sell the Original iPad Mini?

Does Apple still sell the original iPad mini? This is the question that is asked by some customers right now. The company presented this 7.9-inch gadget back in 2012. It then upgraded this device to versions iPad mini 2 and mini 3.

While all iOS 8 versions released by Apple in 2014 and 2015 supported the iPad mini and didn’t bring support to the original iPad [even the most recent iOS 9 can still be installed on the first mini tablet] – the Cupertino-based giant seems to change this situation without any loud announcements. Does Apple sell original iPad mini? According to reports, the company has taken a decision to discontinue selling this small tablet.

You might also want to know the answer to the question ‘Does Apple sell refurbished iPad mini?’ – and it seems to also be ‘no’ as judged by the official company’s site. You can no longer purchase any original iPad mini model through Apple online store.

The news about iPad mini discontinued by the iOS giant might not sound too surprising. Apple likes to discontinue old product lines and upgrade them with newer more powerful devices that have more features, improved performance and other innovative things.

This gadget was recently available at $249. The company tried to attract customers by offering a lower price on the first-gen iPad mini compared to the second and third generation tablets. It had the A5 chipset and no Retina display. All other iPad models can boast A7 and A8 chipsets and Retina screens.

If there are fans who like to collect all gadgets and wish to buy the now-discontinued-by-Apple iPad mini they will be able to do so. Some retailers still have this device in stock and will be happy to sell it for $150-$200.