Apple Slide to Unlock Patent Rejected in Germany

How often do you use Apple slide to unlock gesture? It has become popular on the iPhone and iPad. This seems to be a native feature on iDevices now and the Cupertino-based company decided it could be a good time to get Apple slide to unlock patent which is also known as swipe-to-unlock.

However not all companies think that Apple swipe to unlock gesture belongs to the iPhone creator. Thus the court in Germany rejected this patent because the documents don’t get enough ‘sophistication’ that is required for any patent protection to be awarded to the company or firm.

The local German court believes that only sophisticated patents could be awarded the protection and the infamous swipe-to-unlock is not one of them. The court already stated its ruling and Apple gets no patent for this particular technology.

According to the court, the user-frirend display [Apple’s smartphones are not the only handsets in the world that get touch-screen technology] was suggested by the state of the art. The patent for slide to unlock option is believed to be not based on the invention, as the court explained.

The famous iPhone company [it is now working on iPhone 6s model update] likes to use its patents in courts across the globe. For example, about three years ago the ‘fruit’ giant used the very same patent [that was now rejected by the court] to win a court injection over Motorola [one of its rivals] in Germany. However that old case didn’t get the final ruling yet because everyone was waiting for the declaration over the slide-to-unlock case.

What does this mean? Since the top German civil court doesn’t grant the iPhone maker a patent for its swipe-to-unlock gesture – the old 2012 case proceeds in the favor of Motorola.

A lot of companies use touch-screen displays in their modern devices. Apple didn’t invent this technology however it was granted such a patent and tries to prove that all other companies are copying or using its innovations in their gadgets.