Arrange Apps on Home Screen [iPhone Jailbreak Tweak]

There is a way how to arrange apps on Home screen if your iPhone is updated to iOS 9 and jailbroken with Pangu program. Pangu is the only public jailbreak that supports iOS 9 – 9.0.2 firmwares as all newer platforms are non-jailbreakable right now.

There is iOS 9 Cydia jailbreak tweak that offers a simple way of application sorting. This tool can be useful when you have many applications on your iPhone and wish your Home screen to look cute and in-order.

How to Sort Apps on iOS 9 iPhone Home Screen Jailbreak Tweak

How to Sort Apps on iPhone 6 Home Screen

Step 1. Find a free jailbreak tweak called AppSort on Cydia. You can download it from the BigBoss repository.

Step 2. Install the program.

Step 3. You will find a preferences pane in iOS 9 Settings. This is where you can enable Activator gesture to invoke your new jailbreak app.

Step 4. Invoke your program and you’ll get various sort options right on your Home screen.

Step 5. Select the sort criteria you wish to use at the moment. The tweak will automatically sort all your apps and the whole process will take only a couple of seconds.

Step 6. What criteria you can use? It is possible to sort iOS 9 apps on iPhone Home screen by usage, alphabetical order, app color brightness, badge count, reds, hue and randomly.

AppSort is a well-ordered tool that organizes your applications based on the criteria you choose. Note that if you want to sort programs by alphabetical order you will find all programs [except the apps on your dock] organized by their names.

The tweak allows making your personal sort methods if you are familiar with Lua and can write your script for this. This option is mostly available to developers but you can find information about it in the tweak’s pane in Settings.