Awesome Unlock for Chile Movistar iPhone 4S with iOS 7 / 7.1

Order iPhone 4S unlock from Chile Movistar and start getting all the benefits of being never-locked, saving money and choosing your carrier, data plan and other things. You can unlock Chile Movistar iPhone 4S with iOS 7 within 24 hours or several days depending on the day of the week you place your order. Delays mostly happen on weekends.

Factory unlock is made by IMEI number. This is an identifier used by tech companies for their products. Each smartphone and tablet has its unique IMEI that can be found on the iPhone through Settings – General – About. It can also be found on handsets after you dial *#06# [the 15-digit code will be shown on your screen].

unlock Chile Movistar  iphone

IMEI can be used in different situations. Firstly, you can unlock your iPhone by this number. Secondly, it is used by a number of service to provide you the correct information about your original carrier, lock status, activation status, blacklist status etc.

You are advised to run such blacklist checking service before you actually place the order for permanent iPhone 4S unlock for iOS 7 firmware. IMEI unlock supports all operating system versions so you can have iOS 6 and even the latest iOS 7.1. The tool will still work for your handset.

It is easy to order after you do this short checklist:

  • Run iPhone network checker to be sure you are locked to Chile Movistar
  • Make sure your iPhone is activated
  • Read the description to the package
  • Fill in the unlocking form here
  • Pay for your order and wait till the company returns your new status
  • Connect to iTunes as advised in the email and learn that you are officially unlocked once and forever / permanently / with lifetime guarantee

Factory unlocking allows syncing via iTunes, restoring and updating. Do these things as you will still be unlocked from Movistar.