Buy Factory Unlocked iPhone 5 from Apple in the U.S.

Do you live in the U.S.? You can now buy a factory unlocked iPhone 5 from Apple and enjoy any SIM card for making your phone calls. Finally, after millions of people across the world could get their contract-free models of the sixth-generation iOS smartphone, U.S. customers are also able to choose an unlocked GSM model of a popular handset.

Apple has announced its factory unlocked iPhone 5 price list. There is no need to get a two-year contract at AT&T, Verizon or Sprint in order to use this latest smartphone as you can now get contract-free communication once you buy the unlocked iPhone5 in Apple retail stores and online. BTW, if you already have iPhone 5 and it is locked to AT&T you can unlock it using this guide and enjoy factory unlocked iPhone 5 for the less price.

Apple Offers Factory Unlocked iPhone 5 in the U.S.

Search for Unlocked iPhone 5 at Apple Stores

Go to Apple website and search for iPhone 5. You will see the link for factory unlocked iPhone 5 price underneath the mobile operator choices. Here you can purchase your contact-free and unlocked smartphone, though the prices are surely more expensive than the ones for the locked units.

As the Cupertino-based company states, its unlocked iPhone units have the same features as locked devices, but they are offered “without the wireless contract commitment.” However, customers are able to use the sixth-gen device on the GSM networks only [AT&T or T-Mobile service in the U.S. only as the iPhone 5, 4S and 4 will not work with Sprint and Verizon CDMA-based mobile operators]. Still you can use any GSM SIM card when you travel abroad.

Even though the factory unlocked iPhone 5 cost is high, you will not get a nano-SIM with it. You’ll have to get this card from any GSM operator across the world.

The Price on Apple Unlocked iPhone 5

The new unlocked smartphone costs as much as its predecessor. You can get the unlocked iPhone 5:

  • 16GB model for $649
  • 32GB device for $749
  • 64GB unit for $849

Your order will be shipped in one week.

All GSM and CDMA iPhone 5 modelss come being already unlocked.

Note, that each U.S. customer is limited to two unlocked GSM iPhone 5 units only.