Buy iPhone 5c for $27 at Walmart: Available Since December 13

While Apple and its retailers offer the new iPhone 5c with a two-year contract for $99.99 and some $49.99, Walmart is here to offer the best price for iPhone 5c for as low as $27. The device is available at the store starting December 13th. Customers have to get the smartphone with a 2-year contract.

Previously you could purchase this colorful Apple handset for $50 at Walmart. Other U.S. stores offered it $0.01 cheaper. Target and Best Buy both were selling this gadget for $49.99 and Target consumers could even get the $50 gift card when buying Apple device. Now Walmart becomes the major player in the market with the lowest price possible.

Buy iPhone 5c for $27 at Walmart

You can buy iPhone 5c at Walmart for $27 but the smartphone will be locked to either Verizon or AT&T. You have the choice which mobile operator you want to stay with for the next two years.

Will other American sellers offer the 5c model for $27 or even less before Christmas? No one shares their plans but the new deal available at Walmart might actually influence other stores. With 2013 coming to an end, different third-party resellers are trying to sell as many devices as possible.

The iPhone 5S is more popular than its colorful “brother” even though it costs much more. New features, better camera and fingertouch sensor attract customers more than the price on the colorful plastic handset. According to reports, the 5S gadget is outselling the 5c model by 2 to 1. Even Apple is trying to garner interest from Americans creating aggressive ads in NYC and across the country to get customers’ attention to the iPhone 5c.

What do you think about this gadget? Is it worth paying $27 and staying two years with AT&T or Verizon? Would you like to purchase the “fruit” smartphone for this price?