China Reports Suspects Behind iOS Malware Arrested

Do you remember the WireLurker iOS virus users were scared of? Well, Apple said it wasn’t aware of any iPhone or iPad users who suffered from this iOS malware, but the authorities from China report that whoever was suspected behind the virus is now arrested.

It is true that the virus came from China and researches who reported and warned iOS users about WireLurker danger also mentioned its Chinese nature. And now the country assures that local authorities arrested devs behind the program. The site that distributed this iOS malicious app is also no longer available.

As sources mention, three people were suspected and they all are responsible for this malicious tool development and distribution. As to Apple this virus was dangerous because it could theoretically replace App Store applications on the iPhone and other iDevices and get user’s personal data and information, including passwords and emails.

All suspects were arrested on November 14. Their website that was used for infecting users’ devices through Mac downloads is shut down. According to Chinese sites, the website contained over 400 dangerous apps and it did infect a lot of Chinese users with the iPhone and Mac who used the Maiyadi application store with the WireLurker virus.

Apple warns all users to not jailbreak in order to stay protected from unauthorized programs, but not all Chinese users who got affected by the malware iOS apps were jailbroken. You just have to pay attention to sites where you download apps from and remember about trusted sources as it is always better to download Cydia apps and tweaks from trusted developers. Stay safe and protected even if you are jailbroken!

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