How to Close Browser on iPhone Automatically on iOS 9

You can use Cydia browser tweaks to easier close your iPhone browser tabs on iOS 9 platform. It seems that Cydia store has solution to every possible issue and problem. Developers create tons of useful and interesting applications you can use on your jailbroken smartphone.

If you need to close your browser tabs automatically – there are jailbreak tweaks iOS 9 that perform this particular task. We are about to name the one program you might want to download today. It is called BrowserBreadcrumbCleanup and it is available on Cydia.

Close Safari Browser Tabs on iPhone iOS 9 Automatically

How to Close Browser on iPhone Automatically

Step 1. The good news about the program you are about to install – it is free of charge [this is one of the reasons why to jailbreak iPhone 6s]. It’s great when you don’t have to pay for the program, isn’t it? Go to Cydia’s BigBoss repo and search for BrowserBreadcrumbCleanup program. Download and install it on iOS 9 iPhone or other device.

Step 2. The program has no special pane with customizations. It starts working as soon as it is installed on your iPhone. You don’t need to configure anything.

Step 3. You know that iOS 9 introduced the Back to App shortcut. This feature is visible on your Status Bar and let’s you return to the original application in one click. Well, if you are using Safari browser for surfing the web you can now launch multiple tabs as you’ll be able to close them all with a single click as well. Press on Back to App option when you are done browsing and you will return to the original app and automatically close all your Safari tabs on iOS 9 device. This is very simple and this is exactly what the tweak is doing.

Step 4. It is worth to note that Safari won’t be closed when you click on Back to App option. It will stay open unless you close it on your own.

The tweak supports Safari and Chrome mobile browsers.