Double Retina Display in the Next iPhone 5S

How much will Apple improve iPhone 5S Retina resolution? What can it offer customers to keep them interested in getting the new iPhone and not look at smartphones by other companies? There are rumors that mention iPhone 5S double Retina display. I wish they were true.

Experts already call the next display for iPhone 5S as “Retina 2” and think it will get 489 pixels per inch. Such incredible resolution can surely impress consumers, especially people who already own one iPhone. They will wish to switch to a newer model as their old one can’t give them the same display.


You can remember how the world got crazy over the iPhone 4 release. Apple introduced a new Retina display with this model. The impressive-at-those-times [back in 2010] 326 ppi resolution make this smartphone very popular. The demand was so high Apple easily blew away competition.

Today a lot of handsets get displays with a better resolution. Now Apple wants to be the king of ppi displays again, if the rumors are true. There is no confirmation from the company that it has plans to release its next iPhone with an improved screen. Still fans don’t lose their hopes to see a 489 ppi display.

The unofficial news comes from China. Local sources, including SlashGear, claim the next-generation iOS smartphone will get the 4-inch 489 ppi Retina 2 display. The handset is reported to get the screen with aspect ration 1704 x 960. This is uncommon with 489 ppi resolution display, still these are just rumors.

Would you love to get an iPhone that would be a bit smaller than the sixth-gen device and feature an enhanced resolution? It will surely rock the market before Christmas 2013 if Apple launches such a gadget. Since the development of the next iOS 7 is postponed [we just hear no news about it yet], the Cupertino company is expected to release a new handset at fall.