How to Downgrade Cydia Tweaks on iOS 8.3 and 8.4 [Instruction]

Great news! iOS 8.4 jailbreak tweak downgrade option is available to all iDevice users who are jailbroken with TaiG or PP Jailbreak [these are the only tools released for iOS 8.1.3 – 8.4 firmwares]. The creator of the unofficial store with tweaks, Cydia, released a new version which you can install in order to get back to your old packages.

We’ll explain how to downgrade jailbreak tweak in Cydia using its latest version. This can be done thanks to the changes brought to this store which is not ‘root’ any longer. The improvement allows installing the older version of the package you are using if it is available in repositories.

How to Downgrade Cydia Tweaks in Cydia

Step 1. Download Cydia 1.1.23 and this is the version that will allow you downgrading your tweaks. Why would you need such a thing? Some apps after upgrade become buggy and problematic. The only way to fix such issues is to return to the previous stable version, isn’t it?

Step 2. Open Cydia package.

Step 3. You should now launch the jailbreak tweak you want to downgrade.

Step 4. Look at the right upper corner and select Modify menu.

Step 5. Click on Downgrade option. It will appear in Modify only if there is an older version of the package in the repo [the one you are trying to downgrade].

Step 6. If there are a couple of older versions available you should select the one you want to install.

Step 7. You should Confirm your decision.

Step 8. The package you have chosen will now download.

Step 9. If you are asked to respring you should do so.

Step 10. Enjoy using the previous package.

We hope that our short how to downgrade Cydia apps guide was useful. The new feature is truly unique and must-have for all jailbroken iDevice owners.