Download P0sixspwn 1.4 File Update Supports iOS 6.1.6 Untethered Jailbreak

It is great to hear that the latest firmware update iOS 6.1.6 can now be jailbroken. Apple unexpectedly presented this upgrade earlier this week to fix the bugs on older smartphones that can’t get iOS 7 work on them. Hackers were fast to present an update to their jailbreaking tools. Both Evasi0n7 and P0sixspwn programs are now updated to support the jailbreak for the newest public firmware versions available. If you are running iOS 6.1.6 you can use p0sixspwn 1.4 to untether jailbreak your iDevice. While SSL security problem has been fixed in Apple’s updates, users can also return to their jailbroken state via iOS 6.1.6 jailbreak.

If you happened to update to iOS 6.1.6 by mistake you can now solve the problem of being non-jailbroken and use p0sixspwn 1.4 jailbreak for iOS 6.1.6 to get untethered result. Thanks to hackers, this is possible really soon after the official public release.
Thanks to Winocm, iH8sn0w and SquiffyPwn hackers you are able to install this update and enjoy being jailbroken no matter what. It helps iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 4G users to install iOS 6.1.6, jailbreak it with Redsn0w in tethered status and complete the jailbreak with p0sixspwn that changes “tethered” into “untethered” state.
You can download p0sixspwn 1.4 from Cydia store after you jailbreak with Redsn0w or p0sixspwn 1.4This untethered jailbreak tweak makes your device jailbroken even after reboots and restores.
It might be more complicated than jailbreak iOS 7 devices with automatic Evasi0n7 tool that does everything on its own, but it’s still a free way to jailbreak an iOS 6gadget.
There are not too many people running previous firmware. As reports say, about 80% of users have installed iOS 7 operating system versions by now meaning iOS 7 jailbreak is more popular these days.
Still if you are using iOS 6, it’s your chance to install p0sixspwn program for complete untethered results. Note that you are jailbreaking at your own risk.